Alien Abduction Esapee!

Well I was thinking of this as an excuse for my absence, or maybe I could claim amnesia, but the truth is, I have been busy and the real truth is I have been just plain SLACK!
Wildlife season has been much longer and more intense this year. Lots of out of season bubs and the lounge room still had bats in it at the end of April not to mention the hungry mob in the flight aviary all of which consumed about 10kg of fruit daily.

We took a "break" from wildlife for 2 months. Now when I say a break, I mean off the phone roster and no new animals. We still had the existing lot which were in various stages leading up to release, and as one of the Trauma Response team I still got the 2am call to road trauma animals.

So what did we do with all our free time? - lie in the beach? sit in the sun drinking lates? Not-on-your-nelly! We pulled up all the old carpet in the house and replaced it with laminate flooring. What a difference!
Now I should tell you that there is probably no substance in the country that has not, as some stage been spilled on our carpet. Coffee, wine, mud from the Kelpie Express, bat pee, possum poop, duck droppings, crumbs - oh you get the idea. Now I did try to keep the carpet clean, firstly with my old trusty Hoover and finally with the Dyson which valiantly tried to remove all the dirt (and the nails in the floor underneath as well) but a requiem mass was what the carpet really needed and so its wish was granted.

Only problem is, like all makeovers, a lot of the furniture now needs a makeover as well. Next place.

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Heike said...

How wonderful to find another wildlife blogger! Thanks for your comments, as they allowed me to find you. Gotta do some catching up reading on your site now...

Heike said...

It'a sooo quiet here? Have the aliens got you again? Please, come back!